"Miguel Proença loves the piano and transmits this feeling to his public, with all simplicity... It, literally captured the audience of the Toursky Theater... a great instrumentalist"
(La Marseillaise, Marseille - France 07/12/2006) 

"Blessed Spirit – From the first tones, hot and soft, quietly sensual , sounded as if they came from another world, gushing out with melancoly. The listeners were riveted to their seats. Miguel Proença walked out on to the stage of UNI-Festival serious and self-possessed, sat down at the Steinway, and struck the listeners down from the first moment "
(Tübingen, Germany - 26/10/2006)

"Admirable in the interpretation of the Preludes of Chopin. Miguel Proença’s sonority has life... "
Daily Telegraph(London)

Techinical control and gorgeous sonority ..."
H. Schonberg (New York Times)

"a poet to the piano...
" Periodical of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

"... a true shower of music."
Luiz Paulo Horta - O Globo (Rio de Janeiro) 23/05/2005